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made of recycled plastic for industrial and commercial use

PKT means more than 20 years of experience in producing of innovative coil storage systems.
Our TÜV and CE certified products ensure safe storage of coils. Up to 3 tiers and a coil diameter of 2400mm.
Many large companies in steel industry worldwide rely on our storage systems.

More than 20 years of experience and high product quality characterize us as well as competent and comprehensive advice throughout the entire project.

We are also happy to take on individual special solutions and product adaptations tailored to your needs. Companies from all over the world are now among our satisfied customers.

Based on your needs and requirement we evaluate your situation to recommend you your suitable product and calculate your personalized offer.

We offer products such as the PKT coil storage system EK 550-Ec. With which safe and space-saving storage of your coils is economical and easy. PKT has also developed various models of coiltrays for safe storage of your slit strips. For quick and easy usage we recommend our coil mats, which are placed directly on the floor and offer a flexible storage solution for your coils.

All our products are TÜV certified or CE compliant.

In order to meet the high demands of our customers, we subject our products to ongoing quality controls and improvement processes. This makes PKT coil storage systems a reliable partner in your everyday work.

Coil storage systems PKT Profil Kunststoff Technik Coillagersysteme