PKT rollblock system EK 550-EC

Coil storage system EK-550 Ec with Economy rail

The PKT rollblock system EK 550-Ec is our most popular coil storage system. In several steel manufacturing plants all over the world. It was developed for three-layer stacking of coils with 30 tons each.. A coil place can be loaded with a maximum weight of 100 tons. The coilstops are made of recycled plastic. And they meet the criteria of TÜV as well as the galvanized steel rail.

The EK 550-Ec system is delivered with our newly developed economy rail as standard. This is a galvanized steel rail with a pitch of 106.5mm. As a result, the system can be adapted to changing coil diameters as required. The installation can be easily made by just one person without special tools. You are welcome to watch the assembling video on the start page.

The PKT rollblock system EK 550-Ec can be flexibly adapted to different coil diameters. For a safe use outdoor or on uneven surfaces the PKT profile UNP 180 can be used instead of the economy rail. If hot coils have to be stored directly coming out from the machine. The plastic wedges are replaced by heat-resistant steel wedges.

PKT rollblock system 550 EK-EC coil storage system

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